I believe that stories are a basic human need. I know that art can save lives.

I am committed to connecting those who are made for a connection, through film.
Whether it’s an uplifting story about someone who overcame your current situation, or a commercial that connects you with someone who has been dying for a product like yours – we make it happen, together.
I no longer believe that filmmaking has to drain life with gruelling schedules and harsh conditions – my sets are run with calm effectiveness, a clear vision, nourishing food and planning that allows my team to show up and do their best work, every day.
A stellar sense of humour never hurt anyone, either.
Enjoy browsing our work, then email me for a chat about how we can turn your vision into video.

Ivy Jelisavac,

Concepts & Writing
Whether you have an idea on which you want to expand with us, or need something original written: We write concepts, scripts and original screenplays.
From pre-production to the actual shoot: We consult you for decisions, but take the boring organisational details off your shoulders.
Editing & VFX
Cut, colour grading, visual effects, sound design and even music composition are all available under one virtual roof.
  • A girl tells her new lover all there is to know about her, and wonders if he will still love her after. A meditation on whether we love someone for and because and as long as, or in spite of, no matter if, no matter what. Shot in Brighton in...
  •   Comedic infomercial featuring an office worker who tries to hide her back pain. With the new odourless Deep Heat patches, she no longer has to worry.
  • Nikias is, well, special. He spends every Wednesday in a silent meditation - during one of which he meets Iris. They fall in love, but both have vastly different ideas about what that entails: For Nikias, it's marriage (right now!) or nothing. Iris just wants to be boyfriend and girlfriend...
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